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 Dump Truck Services:
We remove unwanted Junk, Construction clean- up,  Green waste Clean-up. 

Free estimates: Our Company will gladly set up an appointment that is convenient for you and us to look over the property and its needs. We will then provide you with a written free estimate of what it would cost to complete your landscape needs without any obligations.

Maintenance: You can schedule us for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance according to your needs. 

Landscape design: Our Company can assist you with your landscape design. Whether it be providing ideas or leaving it all up to us.

Irrigation systems installation: Our Company can install sprinkler timers, sprinkler systems, and drainage systems according to your needs.  We also have experience in sprinkler repair.

Complete clean-up: Our Company can restore your landscape back to normal it has been left unattended or trashed by tenants. We can also take care of brush clearing for the fire months or for city inspections.

Mulching Services:  Our Company can assist you with your Mulching needs. Mulching is simply a protective layer of a material that is spread on top of the soil.  Mulching conserves moisture, provides addition proteins to area, maintains a more even soil temperature, and protects against weed.

Lawn aeration: This service involves the use of an aeration machine with spikes up to a foot or more in length. Aeration improves the infiltration of water/nutrients, and creates an environment where grass seed can have direct contact with the soil.

Planting seasonal color flowers: Our Company can plant seasonal flowers if you are planning a special occasion or just want to beautify your landscape or business. 

Parking lot cleaning:  Our Company can pressure wash a parking lot or just blow the debris from the parking lots before your business location opens up.

Our Company Provides services for: HOA/ Condominium Association/ Apartments / Multi Family Residences and also provide services to Retail Locations/ Industrial locations / Offices / Commercial Properties.

Repos and Foreclosures: We work with agents to prepare properties for showings to potential buyers.

Waste/Debris removal: Our Company can also be hired to just remove the waste or debris from a work site or property. 

Lawn Installation: Our Company has experience in installation of sod.

Weed removal and control: Our Company has the experience and knowledge to take care of those unwanted weeds in your yard. We use products that are pet friendly.  

Stump Grinding or Removal:  Our Company uses specialized machines to grind out a stump or if you prefer we can completely remove it. 

Tree removal: Our Company can remove unwanted trees from your yard for open space or because of a fire or structural hazard. 

Palm Cleaning: Our Company can clean or remove palms.  

Pruning and Trimming: Our Company has the necessary tools to prune and trim a wide assortment of trees. 

If you could not find what you were looking for in this page call us we may be able to assist or recommend someone who can.

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